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Privacy Policy

In this section we explain how we "[ENTER_YOUR_COMPANY_NAME_HERE]", as a data controller, process Personal information you enter into the system. We collect and process this information about you through the Service.


1. Information We Collect

Personal Information received and collected by us, are divided into the following categories:

(i) Information added by User: You may add Personal Information while using the Service when you open an account. You might have the possibility to update their information by editing their account.

(ii) Information collected automatically: When you use a web booking form or open and manage your account within the Service, we may collect information about your device and interaction with the Service. Some of this information is collected because we use cookies and other data collecting technologies.

● Device information: We collect information about the devices you use to access your account in our Service like your IP address, your browser ID, your operating system and your location data.
● Usage data: We collect usage data about your interactions with our Service. If you are using a Mobile App (Driver App or Passenger App) we collect location data, dates and times. This information is used to identify and allocate nearby jobs, inform the passenger of your proximity to the pick up location and to record the route you take while you are with the passenger. This information also allows us to monitor and ensure passenger safety.


2. Use of Personal Information

Your Personal Information, collected or received by us, can be used by us with our legitimate interests in mind, for the following reasons:

● To make sure our Terms of Use and applicable laws are met.
● To comply with various court orders, valid discovery requests, valid subpoenas or other appropriate legal mechanisms and to meet all legal requirements


3. Cookies and Other Data Collecting Technologies

Why and what data collecting technologies we use?

The data collecting technologies that we use (such as cookies) not only allow you to access and use the Service in an easier way, but also help us keep making the user experience better and more adequate by improving and customizing our products and websites (“the Service”) to your needs.

When do we use them?

- When necessary. Without these cookies and data collected by other technologies, we would not be able to provide the features needed by you and using the Service would be much more troublesome. For example, the Service would keep forgetting you actually logged in a week ago.

- For better functionality. Thanks to these cookies and data collected by other technologies, the Service remembers your choices and can suggest them to you while - for example - making a booking via the web booking form (pickup, dropoff and other parameters). This makes using the Service easier and the user experience more enjoyable.


4. Your Data Protection Rights

You have the following data protection rights: To access; change; correct; update; port; erase; restrict or oppose the processing of your Personal Information by us.


If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us by email [ENTER_YOUR_COMPANY_EMAIL_HERE]