Assign a driver

Find the booking you want to dispatch on the booking list in the Dispatch Panel.

In the driver column click on Assign driver+, choose one of your drivers and confirm the choice.




The job has been dispatched. The driver will be notified about this automatically.

Drivers who are using the Driver App can either accept or reject a booking with one click on their phones.

Assign a driver via the booking form

You can also assign a job already while adding a booking manually via the Booking Form. Choose a driver to assign the job to in the Payment and Driver section.

Changing the assigned driver for the job

To change the driver previously assigned to a booking, go to the booking options, the Payment and Driver section and there click on the driver's name to choose a replacement.


This can also be done through the Booking List. 

Click on the driver's name next to the booking in the Driver column and choose who should the booking be re-assigned to.



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