After each completed job, passengers can leave feedback.

Types of feedback
There are three different categories of feedback.

- Comments - can be positive, neutral or negative.
- Lost/Found - concern items lost or found during or after the job.
- Complaints - where clients voice their dissatisfaction over something.

Where to see feedback
Customer feedback can be found in the Dispatch Panel.

1) Go to Dispatch Panel -> Feedback -> and choose a category of feedback you would like to browse.

2) Open the booking options and choose Feedback to see feedback added to this booking.

Add feedback

Go to Dispatch Panel -> Feedback and choose a category of feddback, then click +Add New.

This can be useful when you want to add some information to the booking to be used later (like items found after the client has already left).


Go to Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> General.

There are three settings:

- Internal setting - enables customer to leave a feedback after the booking has been completed. Customer feedback can be view and manage in Software -> Feedback tab.

- External setting - allows directing customer to an external url possibly leading to a different feedback form like Tripadvisor feedback or Google feedback.

- None setting - disable feedback from customer notification.


To integrate TripAdvisor with EasyTaxiOffice feedback functionality, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section of EasyTaxiOffice.

  2. Select the General tab.

  3. Under the Feedback section, locate the Feedback option.

  4. Click on the radio button labeled External.

  5. Enter the URL of your TripAdvisor page in the provided field. This will direct users to your TripAdvisor page to leave feedback.

  6. Save your changes.

Once you've completed these steps, EasyTaxiOffice will redirect users to your TripAdvisor page when they click the feedback button. This will allow you to gather feedback from your customers directly on TripAdvisor.