This panel allows you to set location suggestions. 

Locations will be displayed in two places:

  • front-end reservation – first step when a customer clicks Pickup and Dropoff location fields, a drop down menu will
    appear with list of all locations.
  • when setting fixed prices - location will be available as drop down menu list.

You add/edit your locations in Admin -> Settings -> Locations tab.

To add a new location just click Add button.

  • In order for Google Geocode Service to find which area is assigned to specific name e.g. Hackney, a postcode need to be
    provided e.g E1, E2, etc.

This option will help you categorise your locations into groups so that they can be found faster.

Display name 
This is the short name of the location address which will be displayed in suggestion drop-down menu list e.g. “City Airport” instead of full address “London City Airport, E16 2PX, UK”.

This is the postcode of the location. You can use combination of Outward and Inward codes e.g. “E16 2PX” or “E16 2P” or “E16 2” or just “E16”. Where possible, please use full postcodes.

Full address
This is the full address of the location which will be used to find location coordinates. 

To get correct location information from Google Geocode Service please specify the full address in this format “street number and name, city, postcode, country” e.g. “1 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DH, UK”.

If address is not set properly it might cause problems with finding location in booking form which might later lead the system to return incorrect pricing as there might be a situation where the same street name is used in two different cities. In this case the system will always apply the first location that was found.

Search keywords
Is the list of alternative names (separated with a comma) which will be used to find locations faster e.g. “London Airport, London City Airport” etc.

The order which locations suggestions will be displayed in.

When this option is checked location will appear in location suggestion menu list.

To edit existing record, click “Edit” icon visible by each record.

To delete existing record, click “Delete” icon visible by each record.

Once removed it cannot be retrieved, so tread carefully.