Why setup Mail?

Setting up Mail is crucial as it delivers email notifications from the system to customers, drivers and admins.

Setup name and email address

From name
This is the sender name a customer will see when reading your email.

From email
This is the sender email address a customer will see when reading your email.

Reply to email
This is an email address customers will reply to.

Admin email
This is an email address to which the admin will receive an email notifications (e.g. customer makes a reservation, driver changes status).

Note: It is recommended that “Admin email” is different from “From email”. Depending on the provider, anti spam filters might reduce or completely block mail delivery to Admin email.

Send a test email
This option allows to test if the integration has been done correctly and emails can be delivered.

Enter an email address, click Send and check your mailbox to see if your have received it. If you have received the email it means the integration has been setup correctly. If you have not receive it, please check below FAQs for more information.


Integrate your mail with the software