Dispatchers job can get really stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Our Taxi Dispatch Panel aims to help them complete their tasks effortlessly and efficiently. All incoming bookings can be dealt with in no time. 

Follow your drivers on the Operational Map to see their availability and proximity to jobs waiting to be assigned.

Save time, get more done and bring in more money for the company with the help of EasyTaxiOffice's Dispatch Panel.

Effortless Management

In the taxi industry, things can get really hectic. Which is a good things because more bookings mean more money. But how to handle them all in time?

The Dispatch Panel can make managing bookings and job assignments much easier for you.

Everyday tasks like reacting to incoming bookings, dispatching them, tracking drivers and their progress, generating invoices and reports, checking payments, contacting clients - this should take you less time and effort as you start getting to know our software better. 

Make money, save time

Everything you need, all the key fey dispatch features, are right there, visible on one main screen in the Dispatch Panel. 

The dashboard is highly customizable and interactive. Dispatchers see everything at a glance and can react even faster.

  • Bookings - control new, in progress and completed bookings with ease. Dispatch jobs to drivers with two clicks.
  • Tracking - check the map to see every driver in real-time, their availability status and who is closest to a new job.
  • Customers - all client contact information is attached to bookings. No need to write things down. The client database and both their booking and payment history are available in the system.

Communicate better

News should travel extremely fast in a taxi company. Dispatchers should react quick to new bookings and drivers need to know what to do, who to pick up and when to do it. With EasyTaxiOffice, the information is passed on automatically and instantaneously.

As soon as a booking is completed, it is visible in the Bookings List. As soon as a job is dispatched, the driver and the customer receive notifications (choose app, texts or emails). Everyone gets on with their task quicker and the company can complete more jobs per day.

Less errors, better arrival times and more happy clients.

A good, automated information flow can help you fulfill the company's potential.

The heart of EasyTaxiOffice

The Dispatch Panel is a great tool also because it works with so many other parts of our software.

As the central part of the EasyTaxiOffice taxi software package, the Dispatch Panel works with the online Web Booking Widgets and our mobile apps (Driver App, Passenger App) to bring you an even better user experience.

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