Setting the operating area allows additional price modifications.


To set the Operating Area you need go to Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> Operating Areas and set the Base which is the centre of your operation and then add a radius in mil/km around the Base.

Any journey that starts or finishes within the Operating Area is calculated as normal.

Outside operating area

If the journey is not inside the Operating Area you can choose one of these options for this operating area:

*Booking is not allowed – this will not allow booking to be made. A message will be displayed that the company is not operating within this area.

*Allow submitting booking without price – it allows booking to be made but pricing is not displayed. A message appeared “Please finish booking a reservation without price and we will provide you with a quote”. Prices are not displayed but booking can be made as normal with a Reserve button at the end instead of Case or Credit Card payment.

*Allow booking and add driver journey to total price​​ – it allows booking to be made but adds cost of the driver's journey to the nearest point (Pickup/Dropoff).

Add/edit your operating areas 

Go to Admin -> Settings -> Operating Areas tab.

Note: To get correct location information from Google Geocode Service please specify the address in this format “street number and name, city, postcode, country” e.g. “1 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DH, UK”.

If address is not set properly it might cause problems with finding location in booking form which might later lead the system to return a message “We are sorry, but we do not serve in this area.” for locations you don’t want to restrict.

All non-standard address characters e.g. “.”, “_” etc. should not be use to make sure the address is correctly geocoded by Google Service.