1. In order for the services menu to appear in Web Booking, the system requires at least two services to be active.

To activate go to Settings -> Services -> Add New.

 – first service tab we recommend to be named “Standard” and set without any additional setting allowing customer to make a standard From-To booking. Set as featured and Order 1.
 – second service to be specified with additional settings for Hourly transfers. Set Order 2

Note: Once two tabs have been created and set to active, the menu will appear in the Web Booking.

2. Go to Settings -> Services -> Add New -> Set Type to Scheduled.


3. Go to Settings -> Schedule Routes -> Add new ->Create new Route(s) which will appear in Web Booking.

(note: From & To don’t rely on locations set in Locations tab, nor on Google Maps.

This are just written locations name which will be display in Web Booking suggestion list).