The Taxi Driver App connects operators, drivers and passengers, making the communication between them faster and making everyone's day easier.

More satisfied clients, more money in your company's bank account. 

So how does the Driver App help to achieve that? 

  • Tracking in real time
    A driver who uses the Driver App is visible to the Dispatcher on the Operational Map. This helps with not only tracking current job progress, but also with assigning new jobs and choosing the driver nearby to your customer.
  • Accepting or Declining Jobs
    When a job is dispatched, drivers see a notification on their phones. They can choose to accept or decline the assigned job with one click. The operator sees the choice they made momentarily and can react accordingly. 
  • Status changes and Notifications
    Drivers change their status in the app while they are on the job (en route, arrived, completed). This information is available to the Dispatcher who can see the job progress and also to Passengers who receive notifications about the car coming to pick them up. 

Make sure your drivers start using the Driver App to finish more jobs and start producing even better results!

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