Be available for your customers at all times thanks to the Taxi Passenger App.


Always in your pocket

Mobile phones accompany people when they leave the house. When they need to complete a task, people will choose an app over the browser on most occasions.

What does this information mean for a taxi company?

That getting a dedicated taxi booking mobile app in your customers phones might make you their first choice!


Anytime, anywhere

Anyone can download the Passenger App and once your customers have it, they can make a booking with just few clicks on their phone's screen. The process takes just a moment and the completed booking goes from the app straight to the Dispatch Panel where the Admin can dispatch the job to a driver.

Once that happens, customers receive automatic notifications about the booking confirmation, later when drivers are on the way to pick them up and when the car is already waiting at the pickup location.

This brings your company close to the clients. It builds trust and a relationship that in the future might make the customer choose your serivces over other companies!


Affordable and profitable

It was never easier to have your own mobile app. Take advantage of that possibility, send your customers to the app stores and just watch how to booking numbers are going up.

The great news is: the costs will not go up as the number of users does not affect the amount your company pays for the app. Now that's a good offe



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