A growing trend in the taxi and private hire industry over the past few years? Most bookings are completed online. Having the right software to take care of booking via your website is essential to keep your clients and attract new ones.

We know that EasyTaxiOffice and our powerful Web Booking Widget can meet all of these taxi booking requirements.



The Web Booking Widget can go anywhere on your website to start generating some serious booking numbers.

No paperwork, more jobs and more money? This is what your company can get after choosing our affordable booking software.



We made the software as functional and simple so that even the least tech-savvy customers will love it.

Completing a booking can take under 1 minute.

Passengers need only to choose a time and a place, the car of their dreams, complete the payment and that's it. An automatic notification is sent to the customer just as the booking instantaneously appears in the Dispatch Panel where the Admin can dispatch it to a driver.



To have a chance of competing in today's taxi market, you need a strong online presence and a proven booking platform integrated with your website.

Go with our Web Booking Widget and do not get left behind by your competitors who have already noticed that online bookings outweight the more traditional ones, are less time consuming and bring in more income.



Using the EasyTaxiOffice Web Booking decreases the possibility of mistakes, mishaps and mispricing in your daily work flow. Customers feel more comfortable and better taken care of which means they are more likely to come back and choose your services again. 

Customize the Web Booking Widget to fit your company's business model.

Pick one of our pricing plans and start working with the Web Booking Widget.

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL to experience how much easier running your business can become!

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