To change translations go to Settings -> Translations tab, in case you cannot see this option in the sidebar menu please add at the end of software URL “/translations” and hit enter button on your keyboard. Example URL

The translation tool allows you to provide your own custom translations which will not be deleted when the software is upgraded. To provide your overrides choose target language and in the target column click on the translation you would like to edit, this will open a form where you can make changes.

Please note that translations might contain special placeholders which are used by the system to insert some extra information, for example {Name} or :Name placeholders will be replaced with customer name therefore it is important to keep them within your own custom translations. If a placeholder is removed or changed it will cause issues with translations because the system will not know what extra information to insert in the translation.

The most frequently edited translations:
Frontend – web booking and customer widgets.
Notifications – email and sms notifications.

Available options:
Section – a group of translations e.g. Notifications, Invoices etc.
Source – the default translations for a specific language.
Target – custom translations (overrides) for a specific language.
Search – find translations by fragment of text or keywords.
Search in all sections – search all translations in a specific language.