Our translation tool allows you to personalize the language used in your system by providing your own custom translations for specific phrases. These custom translations will not be affected by software updates, ensuring that your preferred language settings remain intact.

To Edit Translations:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Translations.

  2. Select the target language for which you want to provide custom translations.

  3. In the target column, click on the translation you wish to modify. A form will appear, enabling you to make your changes.

Note on Placeholders:

Translations may contain special placeholders, such as {Name} or :Name, which are used to insert dynamic information. These placeholders should be retained in your custom translations to ensure proper functionality. If a placeholder is removed or altered, the system will not be able to insert the relevant information, leading to translation inconsistencies.

Commonly Edited Translations:

  • Frontend: Web booking and customer widgets
  • Notifications: Email and SMS notifications

Available Options:

  • Section: Group translations into categories like Notifications, Invoices, etc.
  • Source: View the default translations for a specific language.
  • Target: Manage your custom translations (overrides) for a specific language.
  • Search: Quickly locate translations using text fragments or keywords.
  • Search in all sections: Search all translations within a chosen language.

By utilizing these options, you can effectively personalize the language experience within your system to suit your preferences and requirements.