The actions you can take in this tab are:

Add New (green button at the top) – once clicked, a new form pops up, allowing you to add a new vehicle.

Column visibility (eye symbol) – customize your panel, with this option you can switch on/off columns to create the most suitable setting for your company’s style of work. With a single click a column can be added or taken out of view. The user decides which ones he wants or needs to activate at a given time. Active columns are highlighted with blue and the inactive ones are grey.

All available columns that can be added to your main view are listed in the Column Visibility section. You can choose from a wide variety of alternatives.

You can also order the columns in any way you like to. Just click on the title of a column, hold it and drag it slowly in the direction you want it to move to. Once you let go, the new position for that column will be saved in the browser’s memory.

Reset (right-left arrow symbol) – resets the column order to their default positions and setting.

Refresh – if you wish to refresh the system, you can do that at any moment with the third symbol. The admin panel does however have an automatic, 60 second refresh mechanism anyway. You can de-activate the latter by going to Settings (the dark menu on the left), then BookingsBooking Listing Refresh and pick “Inactive” next to “Auto refresh”. The minimum refresh time that the admin can set is 30 seconds.


The admin can enter (and later edit) the following details:

  • Assign Driver – allows you to assign a particular driver to a particular car. Just choose a person from the list after clicking “assign driver”.
  • Add necessary car’s technical data - Registration mark, MOT, Data, Make, Model, Color, Body type, Passenger capacity, Registered keeper name, Registered keeper address. An custom Name can be added for each vehicle and a photo of the car uploaded (Upload photo). Any additional info can be added via the Notes.
  • Status – this option influence vehicle availability. If a car’s status is set to “Activated”, the vehicle will appear as available when admin “Assigns driver” to a booking in the Booking/Latest panel. If status is set to “Inactive” this vehicle will not be available during “Assign driver” process.
  • Primary button – In case if there are more vehicles assigned to a single driver, the Primary option allows the admin to set one vehicle as “Primary” for that person. This means, the chosen car will be always be the default vehicle when admin Assigns a driver to a booking in the Booking/Latest panel. Green color – means vehicle is set as Primary. Red color – no action has been taken.

Note: During the process of assigning a driver to a booking, the admin can always change the vehicle set as Primary for that driver and choose another car for him to complete that job.