The Web Booking widget can be located anywhere on a website and can be added in multiple places. How can you do that?

Here’s a step by step guide explaining how to integrate the Web Booking and Customer Account widgets with your website.


Prepare your website

For full integration, these three elements should be added to your website:

- Intro Web Booking widget - a first step of the booking form designed to engage customers, usually located on the top of your homepage. Choose entering From, To, Date and Time and price is displayed.
- Web Booking widget - allows customers to complete their booking and pay for it.
- Customer account widget - allows customers to open an account, edit their user profile, add new and manage existing bookings.

Choose 3 existing pages or create 3 new ones on your website that function as:

- Homepage (for the Intro Web Booking widget),
- My bookings site (for the Web Booking Widget)
- Customer account (for the Customer account widget).

Now go back to the EasyTaxiOffice Dispatch Panel to update these website URLs.

  1. Go to Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> General -> URLs section 
  2. Update the website pages URLs on which you added the Intro Booking, Booking and Customer Account widgets.
  3. Tick the option "Force widgets to be displayed in iframe" which makes sure the widgets are displayed only on your website instead of any new page.

Once you have created all pages then you can advance to one of the integration methods explained below.


Integration: HTML or WordPress

There are two ways to integrate the Web Booking Widget with the EasyTaxiOffice software.


WordPress Plugin

To install the Web Booking Widget on your WordPress-powered website, you need to:

1) Download our plugin

Use this link to download our plugin to your hard drive.

2) Install the plugin

In your website’s admin panel side menu go to Plugins -> Add new.

Then, at the top of the site, click Upload Plugin.

Choose the .zip file with our plugin that you downloaded in Step 1 and click Install Now.


3) Activate the plugin

After installing, go to Installed Plugins, find EasyTaxiOffice and click on Activate.


4) Plugin settings: Software URL, Site Key

The Installed Plugins site will refresh automatically and a Settings option will appear under the EasyTaxiOffice plugin. Click it.

In the Settings, you need to enter your Software URL and Site Key.

The key can be found in your EasyTaxiOffice Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> Web Widgets. Just copy and paste them to the plugin settings. Click Save Changes.

The plugin is active now.


5) Add code

For the booking or customer account widgets to appear in a particular place on the website, you need to copy a  short text called the “code” and paste it on the correct pages.

This is what the codes look like:

Homepage / Intro-Booking Widget:
[easytaxioffice type="booking-widget"]

Bookings / Booking Widget:
[easytaxioffice type="booking"]

Customer account:
[easytaxioffice type="customer"]

To add the codes to your pages, go to Pages in the WordPress side-menu and then click Edit on the site you would like to change.


Copy and paste the code in the Text editor, not Visual.

That’s it.

You have successfully integrated the web booking widget with your website.



How to integrate the Web Booking Widget with your website using HTML? Just copy and paste the HTML code.

1) Where can I find the widget code?

The code that you need to copy and paste is specific for your account.

You can find it in your EasyTaxiOffice Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> Web Widgets -> HTML.

2) Add the widget code

Depending on what software you are using to manage and edit your website, this process might look different.

The right code needs to be added to the right site: the Intro Widget to the Homepage, Booking Widget to the Bookings site and the Customer Account to a accounts site.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress, please remember to copy and paste the code in the Text editor, not the Visual editor.


Need help with integration?

Having problems with the integration process? Now sure how to even get started?

We can integrate Web Booking with your website for a fee. Check our services pricing, HERE.