How to integrate Aviationstack service with the software?


This service is provided by a third party company. We don’t take any responsibility for any changes in how this service operates or works. Any issue with this service needs to be discussed directly with the company which provides it. To use this service it is required to sign up for at least Basic plan with Aviationstack provider. The Free plan is only for testing purposes.

1. Create new Aviationstack account or use an existing one.
2. Login to your Aviationstack account and navigate to Dashboard, copy “Your API Access Key” (see the screenshot below).
3. Now login to your software backend and navigate to Settings -> Integration -> Flight details service -> Aviationstack .
5. Paste in copied key from step 2 into API key field, select your current plan that you have with Aviationstack, save all settings and click update airports button (see the screenshot below).
6. That’s all, the Aviationstack service should be now fully activated.




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