This is option is relevant for companies which outsource their workload to other partners via the Partner Fleet Operator account.

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Generating a Fleet Report

In the Dispatch Panel, go to the Reports menu and choose Fleet Report.

The software allows you to create precise reports.

Make sure to define the following features for better results.

- service type - choose one or more types of services to be included in the report. Leaving this field blank will mean all types of service.

- job status - choose one or more job statuses to be included in the report. The default option is Completed (including No Show) jobs. Leaving this field blank will mean jobs with all statuses.
- fleet operator - choose the partner whose fleet and jobs you wish to see in the report.
- dates - set the dates for the report: click on From and To, a calendar will appear. Set the timeframe from which the report will be generated: choose the year, month, day and even exact time then click Apply.
- journey date / created date - choose which type of dates should be considered for the report you are generating: 1) Journey Date - the date on which the booking was carried out or 2) Created Date - the date on which the booking was created in the system

When all this is set up, click Generate to see your report.