For Prices to work correctly it is important these modules have been setup correctly.

– Google Services
– Locations
– Airport Detection


Google Services
Integration with Google allows the system to calculate distance between locations, geocode locations, get address suggestions and display the map.

Read more about how to integrate Google Services.

Locations are the journey’s From and Dropoff points. Locations allow the system to communicate with Google Services, so routes can be detected and calculated correctly.

Read more about how to setup location.

Airport Detection
Allows the system to understand when Meet & Greet option should be made available and replaces the default Full Address field with: Flight number, Flight landing time, Departure city, Waiting time after landing.

Price setup checklist

It might be helpful to go through this list to check if everything should be working fine.

  1. Ensure distance & time and/or Fixed Prices price have been set correctly.
  2. Ensure additional details like Meet and Greet, Parking, Holiday & Night Surcharges or any other charges are applied for this search as these settings might modify the price. You can check any of the applied charges in summary section in 3rd step of the booking process.
  3. Please make sure that location suggestions are set correctly in Admin -> Settings -> Locations tab. You should be using full addresses to help Google properly geocode it and get right postcode which is used for applying fixed prices. Example, instead of “Heathrow Terminal 5” it should be “Heathrow Terminal 5, TW6 2GA, UK”. Here is a tutorial showing how to do it.
  4. Make sure Google Service integration is valid, here is a tutorial showing how to set it up.