Notifications about the booking confirmation

After the customer has made an on-line booking, an automatic booking confirmation is sent to the customer’s e-mail address.

Unconfirmed bookings

Unconfirmed bookings settings can be found in Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> General -> Booking Status.

Read more about them here: Web Booking Widget Settings.


Notifications after changes to the booking

Customer receives a notification also if any of these booking details change: customer details, passenger 1 details, passenger 2 details, booking status, requirements, total price, pickup, dropoff, driver, additonal items, waypoint, vehicle type and discount.

Preview notifications

To see exactly how a notification that the customer gets will look like, go to Dispatch Panel -> Settings -> Notifications and click on the eye symbol of a notification you would like to see.

Notifications during the journey

Passengers will receive notifications:

- En Route - when the driver sets off for the pickup point, passengers receive a notification that the driver is en route along with driver’s name and vehicle information
- Arrived - when the driver reaches the pickup point, passengers receive a notification that the driver has arrived and is waiting for them
- Completed - when the driver confirms reaching the drop-off point, passengers receive a notification confirming the job completion and are asked to leave feedback.