For the admin to be able to track drivers in real-time on the Operational Map in the Dispatch Panel, drivers need to set their status in the Driver App to Available or On Break and accept location sharing.

When drivers change their status in the Driver App to Available or On Break, they will be asked to choose how their location will be shared.

It is important both for admins and drivers to understand these options.

*App providers are required by Google to allow users to choose between different levels of location sharing. The location sharing should be requested only when it is crucial for the service. In our case, this is when the driver is at work.

These are the available location sharing choices drivers get and what they mean:

1) Allow all the time - drivers share their location at all times until they change their status to Unavailable or force stop the Driver App. This means the location will be shared even while the app is working in the background, while the drivers are using other apps and when they lock their phone.
2) Allow only while using the app - drivers share their location only when they are using the Driver App. Minimising the app or locking the phone will stop sharing location.
3) Deny - the location will not be shared and the driver will not be visible on the Operational Map in the Dispatch Panel. The driver status changes to Unavailable.

We encourage our customers to inform their drivers about the different levels of location sharing and their meaning.

*If after installing the app and changing the availability status drivers do not see the location sharing options, they should go to their phone Settings, Applications, find ETO Driver and clear cache.

*On phones using an Android version older than 0.0.0, drivers can only either accept or deny tracking altogether.

Changing location sharing levels

To change the level of location sharing to “Allow at all times” after the driver already chose “Allow only while using the App” or “Deny”, the driver needs to go to the phone Settings -> Locations -> App Permissions -> search for ETO Driver -> ETO Driver Location Permission -> set Allow at all times.