Available in Google Play and the App Store

Your app will be hosted in the biggest mobile app stores for both Android and iPhone users - available for anyone to download!


Services you are require to open:

App Stores
Open developer account with Google Play Developer Program and Apple Developer Program and grant us access to these accounts.
- Click here to learn how to grant access to Google Play.
- Click here to learn how to grant access to App Store Connect.

Open account with Expo and provide account access: Login window, Username and Password. This is a free service and it is used to generate mobile apps and provide push notification updates to both iOS and Android devices.

Open account with Firebase and grant us access to. This is a free service and it is used to enable push notifications to Android devices.
- Click here to learn how to grant access to Firebase.


Information you are require to provide:

We need some information from you to properly set up your Passenger App.

App name - must be less than 30 characters.

Logo - .png format and in a high resolution (1024 x 1024px). Has to differ from Branded Driver App logo as App stores do not accept the same logo for two apps.

App description - your app needs to have a description in the App Stores. The right description can help in growing your customer base. We suggest the following standard version:


Short Description



Long Description


"App Name" is a smartphone app that allows easy booking management. It significantly improves communication between the dispatcher and the driver.

- view your pre-allocated bookings to help plan your day

- communicate faster and with easy via a quick notification system

- navigate all points in your journey using GPS



1: Ask our company operator to open account for you and provide Login details

2: Download and install the App Name app.

3: Open the app, and 'Sign In'

4. Earn money!


You can use this version or provide your own Short Description (up to 80 characters) and Long Description (up to 4000 characters). Also you can ask us to prepare a longer and more personalised version for your company. Additional costs apply.


Branded Passenger App Policy

See our App add-on policy for more information, here: Cloud Additional Terms.


Please note

*During the setup process a temporary customer account called DEMO will be created within the software. It is required that you do not delete the DEMO account until the submission process has been completed. If this account is removed during the submission process, the app will be rejected and this will require the process to start from the beginning.

*Once the app is generated and submitted to app stores, the only way to change the app details is by generating and submitting it again. This service is subject to additional costs.*The access data must be sent in a text format. Pictures, screenshots, forwarded emails or invitations to hosting accounts will not be accepted.